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                                                                     Lisa Langenhennig
Having exercised and used exercise DVD's for many years I was surprised how many new exercises there were in this program. Phenomenal results for my riding!  I love Success in the Saddle!!!!
Candy H
  I started eventing when I was in the seventh grade and I continued to ride through my 24 year Army career. But riding and jumping out of airplanes when I was in the 82d Airborne Division exacerbated my physical condition leaving me with severe back pain. I can clearly remember the neurosurgeon telling me I would have to give up the two things I love to do every day, running and riding. Well, that just wasn’t an acceptable alternative. So, I did two things. I found another neurosurgeon and found a physical trainer who was also a licensed physical therapist. Between the two of them, I found the successful formula for maintaining my quality of life. It all started with core strength and now, all these years later I am still running and riding (Debbie is not only my trainer but also my running partner) and I’m still working on strengthening my core every day. These DVDs of Debbie’s provide both another tool and no excuse for not getting the job no matter how busy and hectic your day may get.
Hi Debbie,
Just a quick note to let you know how much I'm enjoying the workout program!  I'm finding it terrific for strengthening and stabilizing/balancing.  Take care, Beth Gillespie
"Hi Debbie  I just started using your CD's and I have already noticed a difference in my body posture. I have not been able to ride because of the cold weather, but I am anxious to see what these CD's do for spring riding. Thanks Susan
The Ultimate Rider Fitness System
Hi Debbie,
   I ride with Kim Schmidt at Grayson Farm in Scottsville, and bought your video series. I've really been enjoying it - definitely helpful with sitting trot! And I love that they're so short - easy to fit in two, and very difficult not to make the time for just one session!
Thanks for the great fitness videos!
Eliza Temeles
Hi Debbie, I am an upper level rider/trainer living in WA and currently looking for my'dream horse to do FEI on. Your tapes have been a great way to stay in riding shape through the looking process while the riding is intermittent. When my non-riding sister visited from FL she did them with me and now wants a set! Thanks so much, Janice Dill USDF Certified Instructor/Trainer
Greetings Debbie
Here's another story of my Senior Survival in the Saddle story: Recently a close riding friend with whom I've ridden for many years, asked me to come and ride her new "guest horse" who had been loaned to her by another horse pal.. This horse, Smoke, was a "really laid back" thoroughbred whom my friend hadn't ridden but was SURE he was going to be "lovely and quiet". So I drive up to The Plains (where my lucky friend loves and rides through the beautiful local trails) tack up (all's quiet) and begin our ride. Friend on her horse ahead of us, riding along a fence line when Smoke explodes wheels 45 degrees and proceeds to buck and buck and buck!!! Well, old Dee Dee, who has been performing Debbie's exercises every other day, not only stuck to the saddle, but I felt the rhythm of the buck, and with grace and ease ended his rodeo performance!!! Seriously, I can't say thank you enough for giving me the balance and strength to overcome what could have been a really nasty fall. Turns out the horse had not been since March, was only 5 years old and off the Track so not the good "guest horse" as proclaimed. PS we finished the hours' ride through the woods with only minor spooks. End of story!!  Gratefully, Dee Dee Lyon
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Ruth K-

I've been pretty athletic my entire life. I've done long-distance running, cycling, tennis, gymnastics. I've gone to every time of exercise class known to Man: Aerobics, Step Aerobics, Karate, Boot Camp, Circuit Training, Pilates. Riding dressage is the hardest athletics I've ever done- And all those exercise classes, as expensive and time-consuming as they were, just weren't helping me be a better rider. I wasn't unfit to ride-I was literally out of shape. My shape on the ground, my posture out of the saddle, was exactly how I was IN the saddle-twisted, collapsed, and unbalanced. I had confused sitting up STRAIGHT with sitting up-something that most of us, riders and non-riders alike,do.Debbie's workouts come from years of watching horse and rider, and knowing from a judge's perspective what effects we as riders have on our horses. The great thing about the workouts, is that they really address the muscle groups that equestrians need to be strong. There's also an emphasis on strengthening our weaker side, because just like our horses, we have one side that's stronger. Weight machines permit the stronger side to continue to carry the weaker side, and running, while a superb cardiovascular workout, doesn't help us remodel our posture. In less than six weeks, I was riding with more balance and flexibility, more control and confidence. I also stand taller and walk stronger, and my coworkers want to know what diet I'm on (I weigh exactly the same)! My flares of sciatica and my "bad" knees are gone. At 53, I'm in better shape than I was at 35, because my core and my pelvis are stronger. With SITS, I have no excuse NOT to work out-it takes me longer to tack up my horse than it does to complete my daily workout! The twenty minute session is perfect for me: I am finished before I get to the point where I wish it was over, and I'm not completely exhausted either. I've done my SITS workouts in my living room, at work, in a hotel room and in the aisle at the barn. It's not a miracle thing like you see advertised on TV-it's a program that is geared to my lifestyle, a busy rider who wants to be better in the saddle.
Its Never too late to get core fit!!! 
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